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Baby Sleep Tips for the Clocks Springing Forward

Clocks spring forward blog

We may not have much routine at the moment as each day feels the same but for baby’s and young children, keeping a routine can make life a little easier, especially their sleep routine.

With the clocks jumping forward 1 hour this weekend (1am Sunday 28th March), it can be tricky to keep their sleep on track and can take a few days to adjust.   Here are just a few things you could do to try and make the transition smoother.

Top Tips

  • Start altering their bedtime by just 15 minutes or half an hour earlier than usual a few days before Sunday.  Naps and mealtimes will also need to be altered in line with bedtime on those days.
  • Tire them out as much as possible during the day
  • Cut down or remove screen time completely about 1 hour before bedtime 
  • Black out blinds can help disguise the brighter evenings
  • Create a calming atmosphere before bed, the Shnuggle Moonlight can help with its soft glow and low blue light levels for promoting sleep and a bath before bed can also help relax your little one for bed.

Moonlight as bedside nightlight