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New Baby Gift Guide

We’ve got some fab new baby gift ideas across the Shnuggle range, all of which range from £8 to under £30.  We are sure there is something for everyone amongst these new baby favourites.

Shnuggle Baby Bath £24.95

newborn held in baby bath

The best selling Shnuggle baby bath takes the stress out of bathing a newborn.  With a bum bump to stop baby sliding in the water and its compact size, new parents love how the Shnuggle bath offers them the support needed to bathe baby confidently.

Pebbly Bath Thermometer £19.95

Pebbly in bubbles lit up

Another bathtime essential, Pebbly has been stylishly designed to not look out of place in your bathroom.  Its heart shaped display indicates when the bath is too hot, too cold, or just right.  Its clever design also ensures it floats in water and always self-rights to make it easy and quick to check baby’s bath water.

Shnuggle Yoga Baby Play Mat £22.95

baby yoga bonding mobile image

The Shnuggle Baby Yoga Play Mat offers a soft, comfy and hygienic place for baby to enjoy some floor play, tummy time or baby yoga in the comfort of your home or on the go.  A comfy place to support baby’s development, bond and play and ideal as we come in to the summer for all those walks to the park.

Wishy Light-Up Bath Toy £7.95

Child playing with glowing Wishy Star

Wishy features a soft light and texture to support newborn sensory development and with three parts to pull apart, play and connect, is the perfect bath toy to support co-ordination and play as baby grows.  Perfect for little hands and curious minds.

100% Cotton Chevron Blanket £28.95 £15

chevron blanket

Made from 100% super soft cotton, the Shnuggle Cotton Knit blanket range has been beautifully crafted and most importantly, keep your baby cosy. Use with a moses blanket, crib, car seat or pram.

Wearable Hooded Towel £24.95 £12

Baby wrapped in towel

The unique design of the Shnuggle towel means it is wearable whilst you bathe baby, easy to release when its time to lift baby from the bath and has a hood to keep baby cosy.  Made from a soft 100% white cotton, the Shnuggle Wearable Hooded Towel is perfect for keeping you dry and baby cosy.

Bamboo Blend Washcloths £9.95 & Baby Bath Brush £7.95

baby bath brush baby laughing

The Shnuggle Baby Bath Brush gently massages baby’s head to brush away cradle cap, cleanse, and shampoo. Designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, the super soft feel of the brush against baby’s skin helps to calm and soothe at bathtime.

The soft Shnuggle baby washcloths are made from a bamboo and cotton blend to provide extra softness against baby’s skin. The washcloths come boxed in a set of 3 and perfectly sized for baby.