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Surviving Christmas with a Newborn

Surviving christmas with Baby blog image

If you are about to enjoy your first Christmas with a brand new baby, congratulations!  It definitely makes the Christmas holiday even more special. 

It can also be a little overwhelming as you get through those sleep deprived nights as well as all the Christmas preparations and inevitable influx of family and friends.  

Here are some ideas for surviving Christmas with baby:

  • If you already have a routine established, try to plan around this as much as you can – time your Christmas dinner when baby usually naps so you get to relax and enjoy it.  It may not always go to plan but at least you can try to get through dessert before the next feed!
  • Try not to overbook your social calendar with visiting relatives or trips out.  Keep the holiday as relaxed and stress free as possible and don’t be afraid to let people know what time suits you and baby best to call by.  You have never had a better excuse to just say no and not feel guilty about it, so make the most of it 🙂 
  • You might like the idea of hosting Christmas at your own house this year.  You can keep baby in their own environment and be a little more relaxed but remember that you will have the hassle and extra pressure of entertaining.  Going to a relatives might not feel like such a bad idea and can take the pressure of juggling Christmas dinner prep between feeds and changing.
  • On the plus side now is the time to start your very own traditions whether its continuing with a family tradition from childhood or starting new ones.  These don’t have to be anything grand, something simple such as a festive picture by the tree which can be taken each year in the same spot.
  • Don’t forget to pause, slow down and enjoy your time together as a family whether its lots of lovely walks or just time spent together at home.