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Top Pregnancy and Baby Apps Chosen By You

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There are lots of apps available out there for expectant and new mums (and dads).  A lot of them offer similar resources and information such as health advice, week by week pregnancy trackers etc but there are also lots of unique features and many of you end up using more than one on a regular basis.

Either way they can be a fantastic source of information and comfort for you as an expectant mum, helping you discover all the changes that will happen to your body as baby grows, what to expect at each stage as well as loads of useful advice and product offers.  Once baby arrives many of these apps also allow you to track baby’s development.

Of course nothing can replace the advice you receive from your doctor or midwife but its great to have a bank of information on hand as well as access to other benefits such as product discounts that many offer.

In a recent survey we asked which pregnancy apps you have downloaded and use.  We thought we would share the results of this so that other expectant mums can benefit from some of the fab content and resources available through these apps.

Here’s your top 5 pregnancy and baby apps:

1. Bounty Bump to Baby

Pregnancy, Birth & Baby app offering both a pregnancy tracker and baby tracker for when baby finally arrives.  The app offers personalised resources, advice on pregnancy health, preparing for baby, best baby and pregnancy product guides, birth etc.  It also offers daily updates for you and baby based on your stage of pregnancy or baby’s development based on their age.  You can access the free Bounty packs as well as unique vouchers from lots of brands.   Find out more about the Bounty app

2. Emma’s Diary Pregnancy and Baby

Pregnancy tracker and baby milestones updates with lots of resources and information throughout your pregnancy journey.   Some great features such as creating a time lapse video and journal for all your own baby notes.  Download your free Emma’s Diary pack voucher direct from the app as well as discounts from lots of brands.   Follow the link to find out more about the Emma’s Diary app

3. Babycentre My Pregnancy and Baby Today

Pregnancy tips and ‘in the womb’ development videos timed for your exact stage of pregnancy combined with expert articles.  Snap and store pictures of your baby bump and receive support from the online community.  Find out more about the Babycentre app

4. Netmums Chat

Get the answers to all your pregnancy and parenting questions.  Chat with other parents at exactly the same life stage as you, share advice, ask questions and access support.  A good one to use alongside one of the others in this top 5  Find out more 

5. Pregnancy +

Features expert advice, daily blog articles and daily pregnancy information.  It can also be personalised to you with the ability to log doctor appointments, personal diary, kick counter and contraction timer.  It also has diet, exercise and labour information as well as baby shopping list.  Find out more about Pregnancy +