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Tips for a happy bath time for you and baby

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When you are a new Mum and Dad, bathing baby for the first time can be a really nerve wracking experience with lots of things to think about all at once – is the water the right temperature, how do I hold baby, will they get upset and stressed by it.  The worries go on!!

There are things you can do to take away some of the stress and worry.  Here are Shnuggle’s top tips for a happy bath time.

  1. For the first week or so after baby is born you may not want to give baby a full bath but more a ‘top and toe’ wash with a soft washcloth on a waterproof changing mat. Check out the Shnuggle Squishy which is perfect for this as its warm against baby’s skin and fully waterproof.
  2. When you and baby are ready for that first proper bath time make sure you have all the essentials within arms reach before you start – towel, baby wash cloth, clean nappy, wipes or cotton buds, baby grow, vest, water thermometer.
  3. Place your baby bath on a flat, secure surface (preferably a waterproof space especially if you have a bouncy baby who loves splashing ?). Make sure you are in a room that isn’t too cold or draughty.
  4. The ideal water temperature to bath your baby is 36.4 degrees Celsius which you can check with a bath thermometer before setting baby into the bath. Check out our handy bath temperature infographic as a guide.
  5. Place baby into the bath and let them get used to the water before washing them. Maybe pour some water over their shoulders and chest to warm them up.
  6. When washing baby start with baby’s face and ears, working down to neck, shoulders, elbows, fingers, knees and toes. Be careful not to miss any creases or between fingers and toes and use cotton buds to clean the outer part of the ears.
  7. Although baby won’t have much hair yet, you can still wash this area but it is recommended to do so without shampoos as their skin is still very sensitive. You can gently wipe over their hair with the cloth and water that is already in the bath.
  8. Clean baby’s genitals last and remember for girl’s clean front to back.
  9. After bathing gently pat baby dry, and again be careful not to miss any creases/folds of skin where moisture can gather.
  10. Bath time should be at a time of day when both you and baby are most relaxed. For some people this can be before bed as it can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, but if another time of day works better then its best to just go with the flow.

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How can the Shnuggle Bath help?

Designed by parents to three, Sinead and Adam are very familiar with the trickiness of bath time.  They designed the clever bum bump in the base of the bath to help secure baby, the foam backrest to keep baby cosy and the compact shape to help keep the water warmer for longer.

For newborns, you will have to support them and they cannot support themselves but as baby grows, the less support you will need to give as the bath’s bum bump will support them sitting up, meaning you will have free hands to interact and wash baby.