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Top 50 Picnic Spots in the UK

mum on grass with bumgo and baby

The summer holidays are in full swing and already you are probably trying to come up with ideas to entertain the family that won’t cost the earth.

A picnic can be a really simple and fun way of getting everyone out for the day even if you have a new baby in toe.  Just make sure you have all the essentials including extra changes of clothes, sun cream, baby food/milk (plus a bit extra just in case), a big picnic blanket and of course the all important food.

The Shnuggle BumGo can come in really handy for picnics, ensuring you have all your baby changing essentials in one compact changing wrap.  Anything that helps avoid packing for what feels like a weeks holiday just for one day out!

BumGo hanging on side of pram in park

50 Best Picnic Spots

The i News team have put together a list of the 50 best picnic spots in the UK to help you choose the perfect location.

Mum on grass with bumgo