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Top Tips for Newborn Changing

Squishy Changing Mat

The first few times changing a new born baby whether its changing their nappy or changing their clothes can be a bit daunting – how to handle such a tiny person and trying to get it over with as quickly as possible so that they don’t get too hassled and upset by it all!  Like anything with newborns, the more relaxed you are the more relaxed they will be.  Easier said than done, right?!

Here’s our top tips for a happier, stress free change time:

  1. Make sure you have everything ready and to hand before you begin – change mat, wipes, nappy bag, nappy, cream (if needed), new vest and Babygro (if needed)


  1. If at home, choose a place where you are most comfortable whether that’s on the floor, on a change station or cot top changer. For me, I found it easier to change at waist height especially in a Poonami situation!!


  1. The one thing that will really upset baby is if they feel too cold while getting changed, whether the room being too cold or the surface they are lying on. Using a change mat that isn’t too cold against their skin or placing a towel underneath them (not as hygienic but keeps them happy) will make it a more comfortable experience.


  1. If out and about, having a bag or handy pouch with easy access to all your essentials as well as your own compact change mat which you know is clean, makes changing less of a hassle and a much more comfortable experience for both you and baby.


  1. Something which you likely already know but was big news to me recently is that if you do have a Poonami disaster and you need to change baby’s clothes; the easiest way of removing baby’s vest is to remove the vest down off the shoulders and pull down over their legs. The little folds on the shoulders of their vests are designed to be pulled back, making the neck bigger so that it can be removed downwards rather than over their heads.  Genius!


  1. Lastly, make it a fun experience. Use the time to interact and bond or have a little baby massage