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Our Dragons Den Story

Shnuggle Dragons Den

Well, that was exciting – we can’t believe we actually went on Dragons Den!

We have been long time fans of the show and have shouted many times at the screen – “take the offer”, but never once did we think that it would be us on the screen.

It was quite an experience coming out of the lift and walking up to the 5 dragons sitting on their thrones.  Our hearts were beating rapidly as we fell into our well-rehearsed pitch.  Thankfully, we remembered our lines and managed to get to the end – “we welcome any questions”

And that was when Touker asked if he could come and have a look at the products… this should have rung alarm bells as mischevious Touker has a reputation for wrecking things in the Den, but of course we welcomed him up anyway.  What came next no-one was expecting.

He literally took a run-up and leapt into a Dreami Basket, which of course under the weight of a flying man collapsed! We stood, stunned for a moment not believing what had happened.  All the other Dragons gasped in surprise while Touker laid flat on his back in the Shnuggle basket, with his legs wiggling in the air – like an upturned turtle.

This is the point where we quickly explained to the shell-shocked Dragons, that all Shnuggle products, including the Shnuggle basket, are fully tested to all UK and EU standards.  For Moses baskets this is BS-EN-1466, which amongst other tests, requires the basket to withstand a weight of 38kg  for 6 hours without damage.  Of course, our basket passes that test easily – but unsurprisingly, there is no clause for a grown man jumping into the basket in the official safety tests.

We gathered ourselves and carried on with the Q&A which at times was quite Brutal with Nick and Peter taking sneaky jabs at us, between questioning the company valuation (which was fully justified) and saying that they didn’t think that the back story of a company is important or unique (Reggae reggae sauce anyone?)

But we then got some very positive comments from the remaining Dragons, who believed that we had achieved a great amount.  Despite Deborah saying that it “ticked all her boxes” we quickly had four Dragons out and just Touker remaining.  And, well you know the rest!

Since the Dragons Den was filmed in June 2016, the company has grown even more and we sell Shnuggle in even more countries.  Since we pitched, we have also received two other offers of investment and are currently deciding the next steps on how to continue to grow the business.

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We hope you enjoyed the show,

Sinead & Adam