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Car Seat Safety – Forward Facing Seats

Day 4 of our Car Seat Safety blog series in partnership with In Car Safety Centre and we are looking at rearward facing car seat options.

Top Tip: If choosing a forward facing restraint opt for a seat that offers enhanced safety features.  Many cheap and poor quality child restraints are available to purchase. By choosing a quality and safety tested forward facing seat it can significantly reduce injury or worse.

Car Seat Safety - Forward Facing

Some families may not be able to consider rearward facing options (for example restraint suitability for vans or multiple car options). The In Car Safety Centre can provide the very best advice and options when it comes to forward facing.  Advanced technology and testing by reputable manufacturers ensure the highest standards of forward facing travel.

Isofix and seatbelt (or both) options are available for installation as well as enhanced safety features such as a top tether. Secured by the seats 5-point harness some forward facing options will convert into a highback booster offering extended use.