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Car Seat Safety – High Back Boosters

In the last of our blog posts with In Car Safety Centre we are focusing on High Back Booster seats.  Not to be confused with the booster cushion and the very last stage of seat your child will use.

Top Tip: Use a high back booster rather than just a cushion base. Having side and head, protection in the event of an impact greatly increases the safety of your child secured within the seat.

Car Seat Safety - High Backed Booster

This is the seat you don’t want to rush in to using as your child is secured by only the vehicle’s 3-point seat belt.  A variety of installation options are available including seat belt only as well as isofix and seatbelt installation.   They are recommmeded from 15kg, but the In Car Safety Centre would typically recommend waiting until 18kg or 100cm if you can as previous stage seats will offer more protection.