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Car Seat Safety – Installing and Using your First Stage Seat Correctly

To coincide with Road Safety Week we have teamed up with the In Car Safety Centre, to share some useful information on travelling safely with children.   Our first blog focuses on newborn babies and the importance of using and installing your first stage seat correctly.

Infant Carriers

TIP: Use a travel blanket to keep your baby warm when secured in the seat. Avoid using jackets and coats as these affect how tight you can adjust your harness to.

Newborn babies require the best protection for every eventuality. Infant Carriers are typically from birth – 13kg / birth – 15 months with options for Isofix and Seatbelt installation. In Car Safety Centre only recommends using a quality and tested infant carrier that exceeds the regulations.

Infant carriers are installed rearward facing only and babies weighing 6lb and under should only use an infant carrier installed with the vehicle seatbelt and not isofix. They allow the safe movement of your child to and from your vehicle. The infant carrier harness should have shoulder pads that drop from the top of the shoulders. Your baby should not have thick layers of clothing on such as jackets while in the harness of the carrier, use a blanket to keep baby warm. The harness should be tightened so you can fit two fingers under the shoulder pads. Early use of the infant carrier should be limited to short journeys and when using on longer journeys frequent breaks should be factored into your travels. For more information on Infant carriers, please visit: