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Car Seat Safety – Swivel 360 Seats & Reward Facing

In the second blog series from In Car Safety Centre we are covering Swivel 360 seats and the importance of reward facing.

Top Tip: Look for seats that offer an anti-rebound bar feature on a 360 swivels. These offer stability as well as increased safety.

Car Seat Safety Swivel Seats Tip

Swivel 360 seats, also available from birth, offer a practical solution as well as keeping your baby/child rearward facing for longer.

Rearward facing is considered the safest way for your child to travel.  Typically installed with isofix support leg and the seats built-in anti-rebound bar, a secure and safe fit can be achieved.

The seat remains fixed in your vehicle and is not removable like an infant carrier.  Newborn inserts are easily removable as baby grows, and a recline feature allows for comfort positioning particularly when baby is sleeping.

Although most swivel options allow forward facing, we recommend you use the seat rearward facing for as long as possible – even until your child has reached its weight/height limits which are typically 18kg or 105cm. Manufacturers guidelines vary.

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