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Ideas for entertaining the kids at home

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Its an overwhelming time for everyone at the moment but especially parents who are now faced with the prospect of juggling work and educating their children as well as balancing this with positive family time.  Added to that I’m sure there are lots of expectant mums out there that also have children and juggling working from home.

Its reassuring to hear that whilst we have a responsibility to make sure our kids are learning, that it doesn’t all have to be work and no play (phew).  Its just as important to have lots of family fun time and teach kids other life skills not just academic.

Like most people we have been looking out for ideas and resources to help entertain our kids and here at Shnuggle we have compiled a list of some ideas that you can do for yourself, your family and your children.

Fun ideas for you and your kids:

There are loads of resources being made available for free at the moment which will both entertain and educate you and the kids:
    •  The Body Coach is doing daily kids exercise workouts each weekday at 9am which you can find on his YouTube Channel
    • Fun arts and crafts activities such as Clayrazy who usually offer after school classes in school are now offering free video tutorials on how to make fun characters so check out their YouTube Channel.
    • Daily doodles with Mo Willems teaching kids how to draw.  Videos loaded each day on YouTube

Other ideas:

  • Read read read
  • Age appropriate chores
  • Make little characters out of toilet roll holders with paints, colour pens and other craft items you have (lets face it with all the stockpiling there will be plenty! 😊)
  • Plant some vegetables or flowers together
  • For slightly older children you could suggest they keep a daily diary of their time at home
  • Make a bird feeder
  • Finally get those stabilisers of their bike
  • Practice that instrument collecting dust in the corner
  • Bake rice krispie buns together
  • Supervised skype calls for your children’s friends so they can stay connected
  • Play those unopened board games from Christmas
  • For your own mental well-being, carve out me time to relax, read, walk or just have a cup of tea in peace

Finally through the chaos this is also a time to spend quality time with our children, time we wouldn’t normally have which hopefully can be treasured.

Stay safe, stay sane and have fun xx