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Babies first bed – Moses Basket or cot?

Cot or moses basket

What bed is best for your newborn?

Planning for your new baby can be a daunting task, especially for new parents. There is so much to do – nursery to decorate, buggy and car-seat to choose, baby clothes and blankets, and of course the most important thing – their bed!

Babies First Bed…

There are many choices for baby beds, from cots & cribs to Moses baskets. Regardless of which you chose there are a few simple rules you should follow, according to Paediatricians and Midwives:-

  1. Always put your baby’s feet against the end of their bed, so they can’t wriggle under the covers.
  2. Always lay your baby on their back to sleep to avoid SIDS.
  3. Never use duvets, cushions or pillows for your newborn, as they are not required.
  4. Always lay your baby flat, and never propped up against towels etc.
  5. Paediatricians recommend your baby sleeps in your room for the first 6 months.

In the UK, we love Moses baskets, as they are so portable, and cosy for our tiny bundles of joy. It helps them feel safe and secure and are easy to fit into your bedroom, no matter how small it is.



    The Safer Shnuggle Basket                          vs                      Traditional Woven Basket


The problems with many ‘traditional’ Moses baskets are that they are made from maize or palm leaves. This material makes a perfect food source for dust mites and the gaps and crevices are handy places for them to hide.  This also means that the basket in almost impossible to clean, after the inevitable ‘accident’.  And finally, because the basket is made up of woven fibres, they are often very creaky & scratchy which can keep parents and baby awake.

Shnuggle – The Modern Moses basket is a new kind of Moses basket.  It is still portable and lightweight, and extremely cosy for your baby, but it is made quite differently! Instead, it is moulded from a special material called HDPE which is extremely strong and durable, is hypoallergenic, easy to clean & sterilise and doesn’t creak at all! You can see the range of Shnuggle baskets here.

If you chose a traditional Moses basket rather than a Shnuggle, try to buy new (used ones will be weakened and may have mites living in them) and ALWAYS buy a new mattress and new bedding.

Bedding for your Baby

Babies don’t need a lot of bedding. You should never use a pillow or duvet in your babies bed. It is recommended to use thin, lightweight blankets made from natural breathable materials like cotton or bamboo.  It is best to add layers if your baby is cold, rather than adding too many blankets and risk overheating.

How to swaddle your baby safely

Many parents recommend swaddling as a great way to calm your baby, bringing back the comfort of the womb by making them feel safe and secure. Follow our simple guide below to swaddle correctly and safely.

This is recommended up to around 3 months, after which your baby should be free to move their arms. This is when it is a good idea to start using Baby Sleeping Bags.


Baby Sleeping Bags

There are many sleeping bags available on the market, and the main thing to look out for is the TOG rating.  You should select the correct TOG rating for the time of year and the temperature in the babies room.  Again, your baby is safer slightly cool rather than too hot.  For further details you can read about sleeping bags at the Gro Company

Using sound to help your baby sleep…

When your baby is comfortable in their new bed, they like to be calm and contented. Do not put them near high contrast colours as these can distract them, use soothing neutral colours, and consider a soothing sound to help. Many parents find the fantastic Ewan The Dream Sheep a great accessory to sooth their newborn baby to sleep.

Ewan the Dream Sheep

Go for it!

All we can do is give you a few tips and pointers that we have learned raising our three babies, and the experience we have had talking to our lovely customers about their experience with their Shnuggle Moses baskets, and their babies. 

But at the end of the day, every baby is different and has different needs and different personalities.  There is no steadfast rule to having a content baby, but remember to listen to what your baby is trying to tell you, and you’ll work out a routine in no time. If something is not working – try something else! 

Most of all, enjoy your baby as in no time at all, they will be getting out of bed and jumping into yours! 

Good luck from Shnuggle xx