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Easing baby’s transition from crib to cot

Deciding when to move baby into their nursery and into a cot can feel like a big step.  It’s the next stage for you and baby, and while some parents welcome the chance to take back ownership of their bedroom, others can find the separation hard to adjust to for a while.   

Its is recommended that baby sleeps in a room with you up to at least 6 months of age.  After this time most start to transition their baby into their own room and into a cot if they haven’t already done so.

Most babies should adapt easily to the change of environment but there are things you can do to make the transition a little easier.  Here are a few of our tips!

  • If baby is kept close by for naps during the day, start the transition by putting them down for daytime naps wherever they sleep at night-time.  This helps them to start getting used to sleeping by themselves.
  • After a few days introduce baby to the cot and their nursery for daytime naps.  This will help them get familiar with their new sleeping environment without disturbing their usual night-time routine. 
  • Its also worth using the nursery for nappy changes if you are not already doing so to help them get familiar with the room.  Doing this from newborn means their nursery will already be a familiar space to them.
  • Once they have spent a few days napping in the nursery during the day they should be ready to spend the night sleeping there.
  • If the cot bedding is new it’s also worth washing it in your usual washing liquid or powder so that baby has familiar scents around them.  Be sure to use their familiar sleeping bag or blanket as well.

How the Shnuggle Air can help with this transition

As the Shnuggle Air Crib converts to a cot with our cot conversion kit this helps to extend the life of the crib and eases baby’s transition by offering a familiar sleeping environment.  If you are not ready to move your baby into the nursery but they are ready to move into a cot, the Shnuggle Air Cot is lightweight and can easily be moved to the nursery from your bedroom when needed.