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Keeping Baby Cool in Summer

baby in garden

We are in full heatwave mode at the moment and it can be really tricky to keep baby and the room they sleep in cool.

With the ideal room temperature being 16 – 20 degrees, the current weather can make it almost impossible to keep our rooms cools without the luxury of air conditioning.

To keep baby safe its important that we do all we can to keep them and the room they are sleeping in cool.

Here’s our top tips!
  • Keep windows open with blinds and curtains closed during the day to try and keep the heat of the sun out of the room.
  • Check baby regularly, feeling their chest and the back of their neck to make sure they don’t feel too warm or clammy.
  • If they are feeling too warm, remove a layer of clothing and bedding.  Don’t be afraid to dress them in only their nappy for bed if needed.
  • If there is a cooler room in the house it may be worth considering moving them there temporarily.
  • Use a room thermometer to keep a check on the temperature.
  • Place a fan in their room an hour or so before bedtime (Never leave it on pointing directly at baby or within baby’s reach.)