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Moses Basket or Crib? What’s Best For You & Baby?

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Choosing between a moses basket or bedside crib can be a difficult decision to make for mum and dads to be.  Its a big decision deciding on baby’s first bed and can be a significant investment so you want to get it right.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages but as long as you make the decision on whats going to work best for you then you can’t go too far wrong with either option.  Some people actually decide to purchase both, with a moses basket being their day time/downstairs options and the crib staying in their bedroom for nighttime sleeps.

To try and help you with your decision we have compiled a list of things to consider with each.

Pebble Grey Dreami Standing Lifestyle

Moses Baskets

  • Lightweight and portable so can easily move around the house to keep baby close through the day
  • Much more compact in size than cribs if you are short on space
  • Generally moses baskets are less expensive than cribs
  • Very easy to put together, most of the assembly work is with the stand
  • If you feel they are more of a traditional, old fashioned option then the likes of the Shnuggle Dreami and Shnuggle Classic Moses baskets offer a contemporary twist to the traditional wicker style baskets.  They are also much more breathable, hygienic and hypo-allergenic than wicker baskets.

Bedside Cribs

  • They are generally bigger than moses baskets so last a little longer
  • Baby can sleep right next to you when the crib is fitted securely and safely to your bed but keeps them in their own sleep space.
  • Most, like the Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib includes see-through mesh sides which make it easy to see baby as you lay in bed
  • The drop-down side makes it easy to access baby for feeds
  • Unique to the Air Crib you can extend the life of the crib with a Cot Conversion Kit (sold separately), which converts your crib to a Cot.  This can be a more cost effective option compared with purchasing a crib and cot separately.  It can also help baby’s transition from crib-to-cot as they keep their familiar sleep space.

No matter which you choose, either are ideal first sleep spaces for baby.

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