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Annabel Karmel’s Top Weaning Tips – Is Baby Ready?

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Annabel KarmelIf you feel like you’re finally on the way to mastering the daily milk rounds, don’t get too comfortable in your routine… it’s time to wean!

It’s such as exciting milestone for parents but it can be nerve-wracking too – questions of how do I really know my baby is ready, which method do choose and what are the best first foods for my baby all run through your mind.

For 30 years I’ve guided millions of parents through every stage of feeding and so I’m here to share my ‘getting started’ expertise and top weaning tips in celebration of Weaning Week!

Tell-tale signs they’re ready to take that leap!

Each and every baby is unique and will develop at a different pace, so the most important thing is to follow their lead and only introduce complementary foods when they are ready. Now, some babies might show signs of being ready before, but ‘around six months’ is the age advised by the World Health Organisation. This is because around six months is when babies naturally develop the skills they need to move on to solid food.

A bit of parenting intuition will come into play here but there are also a few key signs to look out for which indicate that they may be ready to start sampling some simple solids – ask yourself these questions:

  • Can they sit up unassisted in a highchair?
  • Does it seem as though they have lost the tongue-thrust reflex (automatically pushing solids out of their mouth with their tongue)?
  • Have they developed sufficient hand-to-eye coordination to pick up food and put it in their mouth?
  • Are they able to chew, even if they have few or no teeth?

If you think that your baby is starting to show the signs of being ready a little earlier than six months, then that is absolutely fine – just not before 17 weeks, as your baby will not be developmentally ready to cope with solids at this point. If you’re unsure and want to start a little earlier than six months, be sure to check in with your health visitor or GP.

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