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Care To Share

We care to share campaign page


Join us 11th – 17th May

A week long maternal mental health campaign to encourage, motivate and uplift one another

We are all feeling a little disconnected from our support network of family and friends.  This is felt even more so by expectant mummies and new mums (and dads), experiencing all of those big milestones and changes as we all stay at home.  More so than ever we need to feel supported and connected for our mental and physical well-being.

Care To Share, aims to encourage, motivate and uplift one another.

So what would we like you to do?

 Share Your Words

We Care To share hashtag

Post your own message of support, advice, encouragement, or hindsight displaying the message #WeCareToShare.

Share on your social channel or send it to @shnuggle via a DM on Instagram or Facebook.

Be sure to tag @shnuggle and include the hashtag #WeCareToShare.

You just never know whose day you might make or whose words will inspire.

We will re share your messages as well as our own during the week of 11th May as we all try to encourage and uplift each other.  You just never know whose day your might make or whose words will inspire.

Send to us directly via Facebook or Instagram or share on your own pages and be sure to tag @shnuggle including the hashtag #WeCareToShare

Expert Content

As well as sharing messages of support, during the week long campaign we will be joined by a number of experts who have put together some great content which will offer advice, support and some much needed TLC to all you new mummies and mums to be.

We will be announcing each of those experts on our social channels and here on our website throughout this week so keep a look out for those announcements.

We are delighted to announce that our first expert joining us next week is Lisa Clegg, The Blissful Baby Expert.

Lisa Clegg The Blissful Baby ExpertLisa Clegg, The Blissful Baby Expert

Maternity nurse and baby & toddler sleep specialist will be answering all of your baby sleep concerns with a video Q&A session.  Send us your questions via DM on @Shnuggle Instagram or Facebook before Friday 8th May.  Lisa will try to answer as many as possible.   For Lisa’s full bio  click here


Kat King LoveuyogaKat King, Yoga Expert Loveuyoga

Kat will be taking you through some Pregnancy exercises to keep your mind and body healthy as well as demonstrating some Baby Yoga techniques to help bond with baby in a separate video which will be shared later in the week.  For Kat’s full bio click here


Maria Murray PhotographerMaria Murray, Sweet Bambini Newborn Photography

Are you currently feeling like you are missing out on that newborn photoshoot or pregnancy photoshoot you had planned?

You might not have to feel like you have missed out as we introduce Maria Murray, photography specialist in pregnancy and newborn photography.  Next week Maria will be sharing with us all her expert tips in taking some fab pregnancy and newborn images from the comfort of your own home, regardless of what equipment you have available.  For Maria’s bio click here


Charlie Launder pic

Charlie Launder, Founder Bumps and Burpees.

We are delighted to have Charlie Launder, pre and post-natal exercise specialist and Founder of Bumps and Burpees with us for our Care To Share campaign.  Charlie will be demonstrating a number of exercises that you can do in your own living room whether you are expecting a baby or have just had a baby.  For Charlie’s full bio click here


Lou Wolfenden Hosue of WolfLou Wolfenden, Interior Designer House of Wolf

Interior Designer, Lou Wolfenden has enjoyed designing many childrens rooms over the years; especially for her own children aged 3, 5 and 7 year old. Lou has enjoyed designing many children’s rooms over the years and next week will share with you her design inspiration, tips and style to enable you to achieve beautiful, functional spaces during lockdown.   For Lou’s full bio click here


Jules Mckeen sarkaJules McKeen, Co-Founder & CEO Sarka London Postnatal

Jules McKeen, Co -Founder of Sarka London Postnatal will be sharing her thoughts and experience of the impact on your mental health of not feeling like your old self post partem and what can help ease that pressure of your changing body shape after having a baby.  For Jules’ full bio click here


Sharon Mckeown baby sensorySharon McKeown, Baby Sensory

Sharon McKeown holds baby sensory classes in Northern Ireland aimed at babies between 0 and 13 months old.  A big part of Baby Sensory classes is the focus on new parents just as much as baby. Offering support and the shared highs and lows of their journey with a new baby.  Sharon will share with us some simple activities you can do at home with baby to help their development and support you in bonding with baby.   For Sharon’s full bio click here

Instagram @babysensorysharon

Facebook @Baby Sensory Mid Ulster & West Tyrone

Online Resources and Signposting

We have put together a list of online websites, resources, advice and information around maternal mental health and also mental health in general for anyone who is struggling at the moment.  Take a look at our list of maternal mental health resources

Please join with us in this campaign as we encourage, motivate and uplift one another.