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Treating Cradle Cap

bath brush cradle cap blog

Cradle Cap is a harmless and common skin condition in babies, usually found on their head or eye brows.  It can go away on its own but there are some things you can do to help clear it up.

  • Wash baby’s hair regularly with baby shampoo and use a soft brush such as the Shnuggle Baby Bath Brush to loosen the flakes.
  • If persistent, rub baby oil, a vegetable oil such as olive oil or petroleum jelly over the affected area to soften the flakes.  Either leave on for the duration of baby’s bath or overnight if you can.
  • Use a baby shampoo to wash off the oil and massage with a soft bath brush to loosen the flakes before rinsing.

You may need to repeat this a few times to clear up all the Cradle Cap.

Its important that you do not pick the flakes as this can cause infection.

cradle cap infographic